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OLLI: A Walk Through Berkshire History

At the end of this page, you will find a description of this OLLI course, and links to other relevant information. The course turned into a larger undertaking than I had originally envisioned, and I probably learned more than my students did, since I sorted through an enormous amount of material before deciding how to condense it into class presentations.

Please note that nearly all of the material here is copyrighted, either by me or by my sources, and is intended to be used solely for educational purposes. I have tried to acknowledge all the help I received, from my students and others. Apologies to anyone I may have inadvertently failed to thank.

I will list below (currently, a work in progress) as many as I can of the posts and other resources that came out of my preparation for the course. Please check back here from time to time for additional information.

  • Land Acknowledgement: the idea for this came from Simon Winchester, who did a similar thing in Sandisfield, where he is the Town Moderator. My specific application to Alford was informed by the research I had done for the OLLI course.
  • The Mahican-Mohawk Trail: This was the first of six properties we discussed in class.
  • My Disqualifications: I wanted to be sure my students knew I didn’t take myself too seriously. I’m not an historian, and I relied on the work of others to provide the information I conveyed.

The information below was posted in March 2019 as the course was being planned.

I’m pleased to announce that my course has been “sold out” in that enrollment has now reached the capacity of the facility where it is being conducted.

So, this may be a pirouette for the grandstand, but here is a link to an interview I did to help publicize the course. I’m leaving the following information intact, although the registration link is now moot since registration is closed. A big “Thank you!” to everyone who signed up, and I’m looking forward to a fun semester.

The Spring 2019 OLLI catalog is now available here in pdf format.

Instructions for registration are on this page.

Also, please see my short description of the times, place, and content of my Spring 2019 course on local (Berkshire) history.