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Indigenous Cultures: Session One

Slides used in Session One have been posted here.

This is a link to my follow-up commentary, expanding on some of my remarks as well as addressing some questions that did not get answered during the class.

The Alford Land Acknowledgment can be found here.

Our first session went well, I thought. There were about 50 participants, and pretty much everyone was a good sport and took part in my polls, both the facetious polls and the more serious queries.

It took a bit of adjusting (for me, anyway) to get used to the webinar format and how to best use the features. So I didn’t get to present some of the material that I had prepared. Subsequent sessions should go more smoothly, I hope, and we’ll be able to flip through more slides and digest more information. I was pleased with the questions submitted via the “Chat” feature, and I encourage all students to use that mechanism. I’ll answer as many as I can during the session, and if there isn’t time for all of them, I will respond via notes to be posted here, or incorporate the answers in my next presentation.

Some of you amused yourself with this “Quiz” that I prepared for the Open House That Never Was (it had been scheduled for March 12, but was cancelled because you-know-why).

The idea of the Quiz was to interest folks into signing up for my course, by listing a variety of topics that we will cover. There will be many more; you might have fun seeing if you can answer these questions now, before the course begins. It is my hope that by the end of the course, you will be able to score 100!

Also, I have posted a preliminary bibliography, listing some of the resources I have consulted in preparing for this course. I will be referring to some of these from time to time during the presentations; those who are inspired to learn more can find many hours of enjoyable reading.

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