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Indigenous Cultures: Session Four

Here is a link to the slides that were used in Session Four. I did not have time during class to go over every one of them in detail, and I did not display for any length of time the slides that had a large amount of text on them. You may wish to look through them for more detail on some of the subjects of interest to you.

Please feel free to email me or to leave comments or questions here, and I’ll do my best to get back to you with information.

There were a few questions in class that I couldn’t answer on the spot. Some of the answers appear on the slides from Session Five.

The following are comments posted here prior to the session:

Heydays Along the Mohawk Trail by Lauren Stevens in which he proposes (at least) one theory on the origin of the name.

Plan for Session Four

  • Land Acknowledgment
  • Review of the arrival in the Americas and the spread of Algonkian culture
  • Segue into the Haudenosaunee
    • Coda (Chapter 11) in 1491: The Great Law of Peace
    • The work of Lewis Henry Morgan
  • Next Week: The Stockbridge Indians
  • New OLLI course in June on Fridays

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