I’m now working on materials for my current OLLI course. In the Spring 2020 semester, I presented Indigenous Culture in the Berkshires and Beyond, with a follow-up course in the summer. Now, another addition in Spring 2021: Indigenous Voices.

Previous courses were (2018) on Autism and (2019) Local History. On this page, you’ll find links to various materials I assembled for these courses, including class presentation slides, and a few blog posts containing lecture notes.

Spring 2021: Indigenous Voices

Spring and Summer 2020: Indigenous Culture in the Berkshires and Beyond

Spring 2019: A Walk Through Berkshire History

Winter 2018: Autism in the Age of Neurodiversity

OLLI: A Walk Through Berkshire History

This page contains information, including links to slides and other resources, connected to the OLLI course I conducted in the Spring of 2019 on local (Berkshire) history. I had chosen six locales where I had become acquainted with the properties discussed by hiking or horseback riding on them. I became curious about their history, and …

OLLI: Autism in the Age of Neurodiversity

This page contains (or will contain) links and other relevant material relating to the OLLI course on autism that I conducted in Winter 2018. My Hello OLLI! interview On Autism and Friendships

OLLI: Indigenous Culture in the Berkshires and Beyond

Six Mondays beginning April 13, 2020, from 12:30 to 2:00 PM as a Zoom webinar Registration is now open. (Course M103) Materials for Session One can be found at this link. Here is a brief description of the course: Today‚Äôs headlines feature climate crisis and civic strife. In contrast, for thousands of years, local indigenous …

OLLI: Indigenous Voices

My Berkshire OLLI offering in the Spring 2021 semester. Here is the course description. I share parts (or sometimes all) of this Land Acknowledgement at the start of each class. Session One (March 24) Slides Mohican History Walking Tour of Stockbridge — links to videos A Berkshire Eagle article on Tribal Documents contains several inaccuracies, …

OLLI: University Day: Civic Engagement Panel

In the Summer of 2019 I appeared on a panel for OLLI’s University Day on Civic Engagement. Here is the material I prepared as a handout, along with a more complete compendium of ideas I shared during my talk.