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Mar 03

What is it like to be Autistic?

Great Wall 100517_cartoon_074_a14961_p465

In an earlier post, I wrote a few comments about a definition of autism that I found appealing. The difficulty with coming up with any definition of autism is that it’s really hard to capture the essence of what it’s like to be autistic. Even the best definitions leave me hankering for more. Give me …

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Nov 06

The Healing Power of Depression

Depression is a common experience. The word itself conjures up negativity, and has many definitions, none of which is particularly cheerful. Depression has been the subject of many wise and unwise words over the ages.   “Every man has his secret sorrows which the world knows not; and often times we call a man cold …

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Nov 04

The Turing Problem

I just listened to a 20-minute radio segment that reduced me to tears. Alan Turing was a hero of mine long before I knew anything about autism. Once I discovered my own autism and began to be able to see signs of autism in people I knew, either personally or from reading about them, I …

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Nov 04

Stewart’s Background

A few years ago (in 2005) I wrote up this background material on my horse Stewart. In a couple of months, he’ll be 20 years old. He is still as feisty and energetic as ever, but he has calmed down some in important ways, has come to trust me more, and our mutual affection continues …

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Jul 17

Autism Acceptance: My Thoughts Captured in an Interview

Paula Durbin-Westby has been publishing a series of interviews with autistic people on the subject of Acceptance. Mine is the latest one that she has posted on her Autism Acceptance Day blog. Please take a look and tell me what you think. Also, poke around her site for many useful links and lots of good …

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Jul 02

Caveat Emptor: TMS as Snake Oil

On the eve of my next visit to the TMS Lab at Beth Israel in Boston*, I came upon this blog post: TRANSCRANIAL MAGNETIC STIMULATION FOR AUTISM   I’ve added a comment to that post, so won’t repeat myself here, but I did want to point out the very valid caveats they list. They talk …

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Apr 17

Okay, I’m Superman

It pains me to write these comments, critical of one of my favorite neuroscience writers, but it must be done. V.S. Ramachandran has just published an online article that has taken an enormous amount of flak on Twitter, some of that from me. Also, the very first comment to the article cites a study that …

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Mar 25

When Will I Learn (to take myself seriously)?

After all these years of observing how oddly (by other people’s standards) my body reacts to things, and even after several years of understanding that a lot of that has to do with being autistic, I still hesitate to assert myself. Case in point: I went in to my local clinic the other day to get a …

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Mar 22

Empathy as a Form of Communication

Receptive and Expressive Language All communication has two aspects: receptive language and expressive language. Receptive language is what we hear and understand. Expressive language is what we say to others. I believe that empathy is also a form of communication; one that is as essential to each of us as is spoken, written, or signed …

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Feb 10

Double Delight at Jiminy

Jiminy 20130210 0001

I had a doubly wonderful experience today at Jiminy Peak. The conditions were absolutely spectacular. The only things I didn’t like were the crowds (well, it was a weekend, after all, which I usually avoid, but the forecast for tomorrow is for yuck — the “r” word-that-shall-not-be-spoken), and the pesky clumps of white fluffy stuff …

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