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Quote for the Day: US Foreign Policy

One reaction among liberals to the Bush years and to Iraq was to retreat from “idealism” toward “realism,” in which the United States would act cautiously and, above all, according to national interest rather than moral imperatives. The debate is rooted in the country’s early history. American, John Quincy Adams argued, “does not go abroad …

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Michael Forbes Wilcox Autism Background (short bio)

Michael Forbes Wilcox Thyme Hill Alford, Massachusetts 01266 A pdf version of this text appears here. Michael Wilcox was born in 1946, resided in Stockbridge, Massachusetts until age 17, and attended public schools there. He was involved in many community activities, such as Little League, Boy Scouts, and his church youth group. During high school …

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Remarks on the Autism Commission

Michael Forbes Wilcox, speaking in the Massachusetts State House

Michael Forbes Wilcox: Remarks on the Autism Commission Delivered at the Massachusetts State House for Autism Awareness Day, April 14, 2011 The remarks below are also contained in a pdf file here. This is a link to the short bio that was used by the emcee to introduce me. You’ve Got to Have A Dream! …

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