Update as of January 20, 2012 (the comment below was posted December 1, 2010):

Well, I’ve made some progress. At least I have a few posts out there! Not as much as I’d like, and I have trouble keeping up with the constantly changing landscape here at WordPress. Things that used to work no longer do, and new features are added. I’ll keep at it, and maybe this will be the year I fulfill my promise!

For a somewhat dated, though still accurate bio, seeĀ this post.


I’m quite new at this WordPress thing, so am just trying out options. Bear with me till I figure stuff out, then I will be a posting/blogging maniac.


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  1. Irene Jenks

    I’m looking forward to reading more from that blogging maniac you mention!

    1. Michael Forbes Wilcox

      LOL! Are you trying to say I should update this entry? Okay…

  2. kimberly gerry tucker

    I contribute art to AANE every year. Do you review books? I was recently interviewed by Donna Williams for my book “Under The Banana Moon.” Can I send you a copy? Here is the link where the interview is located and if you have interest I will send one along to you:

  3. Bruce Sabian

    I was able to restore your original comment and it’s back up on my blog now.


  4. Deb Connors

    Thanks so much for being available for the AANE workshop today. You voiced and confirmed ideas that have been emerging throughout my teaching career; namely, that autism is not a disease to be eradicated, but a different way of “being” in this world. Certainly, we can all benefit from instruction or tools that help us navigate this complicated, crazy life, but I never want to fundamentlly “change” the students in my charge. They are phenominal human beings, and my life has been truly enriched by knowing them.

    Please keep me in the loop regarding other local workshops or events. I feel inspired to be a better educator!

    Thanks again,

    Deb Connors

    dconnors {at} leepublicschools(.)net (wk)
    DebraConnors {at} icloud(.)net (personal)

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