Anxiety: Who? Me?

I’m participating in a panel on Friday (June 9) at Northeastern University on Anxiety, as part of the CHATTER event.

Of course, I’m quite nervous about this.

As part of my preparation (which helps to reduce anxiety), I have been reviewing my past talks and writings on the subject. I discovered that my blog does not contain a copy of a talk I gave in 2010 on the subject. So, here it is! Although I would change some of the wording if I were to rewrite it, the thoughts expressed are still pretty much on the mark.

In addition, here are a couple of my blog entries that are relevant to the topic of anxiety:

  1. The Healing Power of Depression (2013)
  2. Growing Old Disgracefully (2014)

One common topic that comes up in these writings is medication. I’ll plan to say some words about that at the event on Friday. Related topics are mindfulness and alcohol use. Given that I’ll have only a few minutes to speak before we launch into an open conversation, I’ll have to think of some pithy things to say.

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