Hope for the world

At first light this morning I noticed a grazer enjoying the newly revealed fodder. Spring may be on its way after all!



    • Deborah on April 3, 2015 at 5:14 PM
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    Such a peaceful scene. How lovely to wake up to that. I wish you and the world peace. As you end your latest decade on this earth, know that you were truly and well loved — just with a lack of understanding. Had I understood, I hope I would have been kinder and gentler.

    It was inspiring to read your address. It explained a lot to me. I’m sure it will give much hope to many others, along with some peace.

    Oh,, to recapture the optimism of youth when we thought the world was on course to a more peaceful future. It heartens me to know that such as you are still diligently working for the future we once envisioned and thought would have long since arrived.

    Here’s one for you: keep on truckin’.

    1. Amazing! After all these years. I’m speechless.

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