The Stockbridge Munsee Tribe

Chief Wilcox, Sherry White and Barbara Allen honor Mohican life in Stockbridge

The “Chief” of this headline is not an Indian Chief, but my brother Rick, the Chief of Police in Stockbridge, Massachusetts.

As explained in this nice blog post, he has carried on the tradition of staying in touch with the original inhabitants of the town where I grew up.

Our grandmother, as mentioned in the article, was very steeped in the local lore, and had more stories than I could ever remember about the early days of European settlement.

Mohicans and the Berkshires

In this follow-up post, more is told of the history of the┬áMohicans, and how they left Stockbridge in 1785, driven out by the Europeans who did not comprehend (nor respect) the Indians’ concept of communal property.

Like many Indian tribes, the Stockbridge Munsee were chased from place to place. They ended up in Wisconsin, on a reservation.

It is a truism that history is written by the victors, so there is little awareness of the long history of the Mohicans in the┬áMahicannituck (Hudson) River Valley and the surrounding area. I’m proud that my brother is doing his part to help keep alive the memories, the history, and “to preserve and care for places important to the people of the Stockbridge Munsee Nation.”

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    • Phillip Tousey on November 17, 2012 at 7:59 PM
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    To whom it may concern,
    Greetings to all interested parties. My name is as stated above. I am the great grandson of Chief Phillip Tousey. The very last of the true chiefs of the Stockbridge-Munsee tribe. My great great grandfather was indeed the leader of this tribe. However, as history goes when we as a tribe were left in isolation on the indian reservation that is now called home by so many of my family members, the title that was held by my family members was cast aside. I would like to say though that it is quite true that it is ky family that in all essence holds this title as we always have and to us this is the most importance. If there is anyone that would like this information brought out we do have pictures of this to state these facts. Although as this title goes we are also just as happy just to know our true history as that means more to us than trying to hold onto that title bow. Thank you to all that view this and thank you for your time.

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