Monthly Archive: June 2012

Jun 30

Is There An Autistic Personality? Part II

In which I continue my unscientific search for common features of the autistic personality. In Part I of this series, I noted several discordances between autistic characteristics, as I see them, and standard personality types. I believe these will prove to be the keys to understanding (hey, wait, don’t keys “unlock”? – add that to the …

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Jun 29

Fledging From Free Food to Freedom

Yesterday was fledging day at my house. For several weeks, as I awoke at first light, I was greeted by the chirping of what was clearly a large crop of nestlings, as their parents brought them their breakfast. Finally, the day had come for them to leave the nest and fend for themselves. What is …

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Jun 28

Recent Autism Research: A Synopsis

Current Research Implications for the Asperger Community A Conference Co-Sponsored by Asperger’s Association of New England (AANE), Northeastern University, and YouthCare  Held at Northeastern University on March 16, 2012 One Person’s Observations and Reactions ©2012 Michael Forbes Wilcox  This post is a lightly-edited version of an article that appeared in Issue 10 of the AANE Journal: Spring 2012 NB: the writer has no formal training in …

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Jun 25

Is There An Autistic Personality?

Autism is a different way of being in the world, and that difference arises in the brain. The neuronal networks of an autistic brain are somehow different from those of a typical brain. We know quite a bit about many of these differences, although it is not always clear what is the relationship between differences …

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Jun 03

End Abuse and Torture in Massachusetts

On June 2, disability rights advocates rallied in Boston and Canton to protest the continued abusive practices at the Judge Rotenberg Center (JRC). This is an excellent write-up by my friend Lucy Berrington! I was in attendance at the Democratic State Convention at that time, so could not add my body as a JRC protester, …

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