Terrific Boston Globe op-ed on Autism

Today’s Globe features a column that is a wonderful explanation of the recent work of┬áDr. Laurent Mottron at the University of Montreal (which, thankfully, has gotten a lot of press in recent days; e.g. see this mention in Science Daily of November 2).

The Globe columnist, Gareth Cook, writes to tell us “The truth about autism” and he does so with kindness and a rare appreciation and understanding. This column is a breath of fresh air, and will be greatly appreciated by the neurodiversity movement.

His conclusion is “There is, of course, a strong ethical case for change. But there is also another way of thinking about it, which Americans, in particular, should understand: Tapping unusual minds provides a competitive advantage to companies – and to nations. Recognize the hidden strengths of our people, and we will all be the richer for it.”

But read the entire article; I found it quite compelling!

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